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Feet tired and tired?

I remember that when I was a girl I worked many hours on my feet and I could not understand how important they were for comfortable shoes ... In those days there were not comfortable shoes on the market and at the same time beautiful and not too expensive! There were only those "orthopedic" that are not beautiful!

I tried to find beautiful and cheap shoe models but anyway I gave priority to clothes, bags, tricks and perfumes, I was young.

What a desperation ... so to work I bought only shoes that I liked but often they were very uncomfortable and at the end of the day of work it was a relief to take them off!

I did not understand that WELLNESS BEGINS FROM THE FEET!

The month of May 2016, a dear friend of mine of Russian origin who lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the occasion of my birthday, sent me two pairs of anatomical slippers Geris and later, intrigued by the beautiful models and the excellent quality- price, I discovered that they are made in Kosovo while the wholesaler I found it in Croatia, my country of origin. Coincidentally!

So I decided that during the trip for the summer holiday in the Balkan countries (now I have the family of origin scattered between Croatia and Serbia) I would go to meet the holder of the wholesale shoe Geris to inform me about the import in Switzerland, and here I am!

Finally I found for all of you (myself included) comfortable shoes and at the same time also beautiful, at an affordable price, and I'm happy to be able to advise you.

If you are happy to have found among the chosen models the right shoe for you as happened to me when I received them as a gift from my friend, I would have done something nice and useful!


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PanK (not verified)

Wed, 08/17/2022 - 21:04

Ho acquistato una clog fantasyica. In pelle morbida e calzata comoda. Servizio assistenza clienti impeccabile. Consiglio veramente a tutti coloro che sono in cerca di comfort, qualità e rapporto qualità / prezzo eccellente. Grazie!

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